Join us at The isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is the largest island in England and is the second most popular. Where can you find it? Its in England (UK) 4 miles off the south coast in the county of Hampshire very close to Southampton and Portsmouth.

Being a small island its a great tourist destination with much to see and and do and all very close together. With railway connections across the island from Ryde to Shanklin all in London tube trains to local buses. There is no way you will miss out on any attraction or interesting place on the Isle of Wight.

How do I get there? Either by car ferry, passenger ferry or the great hovercraft service from Southsea, Portsmouth. You may be able to get combined tickets for car park, ferry and transport on the island or even link through the train service from Portsmouth. The hovercraft service looks like the only commercial hovercraft ferry left in the world; a very unique experience.

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