Privacy Information

For Windrush Trading Limited

Contact Information:

At Windrush Trading Limited, we collect details through customer inquiries, including:

  • Telephone
  • Emails
  • In-person interactions
  • Website submissions

We collect this information to provide excellent customer service and respond to customer requests. Key points include:

  • Utilization of data to fulfil customer requests.
  • Occasional mailshots showcasing our offerings, with clear opt-out options.
  • Non-disclosure of information to third parties, except for completing requested actions.

Information Sharing:

  • Property owners will have access to customer details on invoices and during the purchase process.
  • Site owners may require customer details.
  • Ferry companies receive the necessary details for booking crossings.
  • Solicitors use the information for memorandums of sale and certified IDs.
  • Vendors/Purchasers’ details are used during property transactions.

Back-end Booking and Payments:

  • Booking data is stored on this website, the Channel Manager, and related portals.
  • Payment data is managed by 365Villas and Stripe.

Data Storage:

  • Hosted on Microsoft 365 servers.
  • Our computers sync with Microsoft 365.
  • Mailserver: MailChimp is used for forwarding automated response emails and mailshots.
  • Continuous data retention for archiving, accounting, and audit trail purposes.
  • All data remains under our control in the UK.

Data Access:

  • Contact us for inquiries about the data we hold.
  • No automated decision-making processes are used.
  • Customers have control over their stored information.
  • Regular reviews of stored information are conducted.

Availability of Information:

  • Information is accessible through our websites, email links, and hard copies.


  • We use cookies solely for the functionality of our website.
  • Cookies enhance your website experience without collecting additional data beyond what is necessary during your visit.

This information will be periodically reviewed and is available via our websites, email links, and hard copies.


updated 19th Nov 2023


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