Privacy Information

For Windrush Trading Limited

01243 767 118

Andy Stevens

  • We acquire details via enquiries from customers
    • Telephone
    • Emails
    • In person
    • website
  • We require this information to serve the customer well
  • We use this data in response to the customer request
  • We may send out a mailshot to show what we offer
    • It will have options to opt out
  • We do not share information with any third party accept to complete the requested action
    • Property owners
      • will see customer details on invoices
      • customer details will be passed onto them when they are completing the “purchase”
      • Site owners may require customer details
    • Ferry Companies
      • Any details to complete the booking for the crossing
    • Solicitors
      • When sending out a memorandum of sale
      • When sending out certified ID
    • Vendors/Purchasers
      • When purchasing/selling a property 
    • Back-end Booking and Payments
      • Booking data is held on this website as well as the Channel Manager and related Portals
      • Payment data is controlled by 365Villas, Stripe and Paypal
    • Data storage
      • On Microsoft 365 servers
      • Our computers sync with Microsoft 365
    • Mailserver
      • Sendin Blue is used to forward
        • many of our automated response emails
        • any mailshots
    • Retention period of this data is continuous to support archiving and accounting along with an audit trail.
    • All data remains under our control in the UK
    • Contact the above to ask what data we hold
    • We do not use an automated decision maker
    • The customer can determine what we hold
    • This information will be reviewed from time to time
    • This is available via:
      • our websites
      • links on emails
      • hard copies
    • Cookies
      • We use cookies purely to run this website
      • They are used to help you when using our website
      • They are not used for collecting any other data accept what we need while you are on the website

updated 4 May 20